Tips To Keep Your Gums And Teeth Healthy

Although you brush your teeth every day, use dental floss, as well as a mouthwash, these are all good oral hygiene habits, but of course, this does not mean that you do not need to visit the dentist once or twice a year. In the next few minutes, Sol Dental gives you the best tips on how to maintain oral health and extend the health of your teeth.

Choosing A Toothbrush

It is very important what kind of brush we use. The toothbrush should be selected based on our teeth. One type of toothbrush can’t be good for all people. Nowadays, plastic brushes that have artificial fibers are commonly used, but make sure you always use toothbrushes with natural hair. People with sensitive teeth are advised to use soft toothbrushes that have thick spaced fibers. It is also desirable to use a toothbrush that has a part on the back that is used to remove bacteria from the tongue.

Brushing Teeth And Using A Dental Floss

You are certainly aware that it is not good for the health of your teeth to skip their regular brushing, but you are probably not fully aware of how much this skipping may harm your oral care, especially if you do not use dental floss. Most people don’t even have a toothbrush/dental floss, which is a huge mistake. So, if this is the case with you, get them right away.

Incorrect Toothbrushing Technique

It is not important only to hold the toothbrush in your mouth and move it. You need to use a certain technique. The method at Sol Dental we recommend is to move the toothbrush in smaller circles instead of rubbing it from side to side. Improper tooth brushing can damage your teeth. Tooth brushing should take between 2 and 3 minutes on average, so do not rush while doing this.

Do Not Use Your Teeth As A Tool

If you use your teeth as a tool to open any goods, bottles, or you have a nail-biting habit, be aware that it will damage your teeth for sure. This way, the edges of your teeth are damaged and susceptible to injury, not to mention that your teeth can often break. Teeth are not designed for this function.

Carbonated And Sweeten Juices

Sugar and soda, a well-known enemy of teeth and a radiant smile – if you are a fan of such beverages, you need to prepare for more frequent care of your oral health as well as more often visit the dentist.…