3 Things to do With Butterscotch

Butterscotch is one of those odd little ideas that somehow works incredibly well. If you have some extra butterscotch or you see the stuff in the store, you’ll want to know what to do with it. These easy recipes make the most of the butterscotch and offer a wonderful option for your dessert course.

Butterscotch Blondies With Salt

Blondies are that odd cousin of brownies. They’re like the relative who shows up with a new hairdo. Only in this case, it’s actually a really good thing. Butterscotch is a natural pairing with the idea of the blondie. It’s a great way to bring in something extra. Make these and watch as your friends go a little nutty trying to figure out the secret ingredient.

You want flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, butter, brown sugar, an egg, vanilla extract, half a cup of butterscotch chips, your favorite nuts chopped up and some fancy salt flakes just to show off. You’ll want to combine the first four ingredients. Then mix the butter with the sugar. Add the egg and vanilla. Then put in the butterscotch and nuts. Combine the whole thing and bake for thirty-five minutes until the shade of your favorite movie star. Let cool and throw on some salt and you’re good to go.

A Great Pie

Butterscotch pie is a fun thing to add to your recipe box. It’s one way to play with flavors and textures. This one uses mousse to bring in the creamy. You’re going to need brown sugar, corn starch, salt, half and half, egg yolks, premade pie crust, whipped cream and butterscotch chips. Put the pie crust in the oven until it is lightly browned. Then mix up your ingredients in a bowl. You can lick the bowl if you want but it might be a little overkill at this point. Now is the time to take the entire thing and put in oven for twenty minutes. Let it cool. Then top with whipped cream and serve to those relatives you really like. Ready to give it a shot? You can find an easy butterscotch pie recipe here.

Butterscotch Rice Pudding

Who doesn’t love rice pudding? Bring your rice pudding to the next level with this easy and fun recipe. Stir up butter and brown sugar with some butterscotch chips. Let the whole thing melt in a saucepan. Add sugar and heavy cream to the mixture on the stove. Meanwhile, take some rice pudding you’ve bought. You can make your own but why bother if someone else is going to do the work for you? You can take the entire mixture and the rice pudding and put them in bowls. Think about the season. Find some in season fruit like cherries or cranberries if you’re near Turkey Day and top the pudding with fruit and a bit of sugar. Serve cold or slightly warmed up.

These recipes are just the very right thing to bring in something special any time of the year. Make the most of butterscotch in your home today.

Jazmine Harrison