What are the Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water

Well over half of your body is made up of water, and you will die in a matter of days without it. Nevertheless, most of us don’t get the optimal hydration we need – at least half a gallon or 64 ounces per day. That is where the many benefits of sparkling water can make a huge difference to your life and overall health. 

Lasting Hydration

In order to make it sparkle, carbon dioxide is added to regular still water. The result is a bubbly formulation that contains no sugar or artificial flavors and, let’s face it, is a lot more fun to drink. Consequently, it’s a great deal easier to reach your hydration goal. 

Helps Your Digestion

If your mother encouraged you to drink fizzy lemon-lime soda when your tummy was upset, she knew what she was talking about. That’s because the bubbles in sparkling water tend to relieve the symptoms of dyspepsia, indigestion and even constipation. The fact that is sugarless gives it another advantage over those artificially fizzy drinks. 

Feel Satiated

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy one is often a matter of playing tricks on your stomach to make it “think” you are full. Thanks to the bubbles in carbonated water, the gastric activity in your belly is ramped up. As a result, you feel full for longer, which makes it easier to resist those evil, sugary and salty snacks. If you want to shed a few pounds by limiting what you eat, try drinking a glass of carbonated water 30 minutes before your meal. 

Increase Your Productivity

When your brain is firing on all cylinders, you can really crank out the work and focus on the job at hand. However, it needs to be fully hydrated in order to perform optimally. Since sparkling water is both delicious and fun to drink, you will be much more likely to sip it throughout your day. You might not even notice when you have reached your hydration goal because it will not have been a chore to quench your cellular thirst. 

Carbonated water has been around for years, but it is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people recognize the bonuses it can bring to their lives. Don’t wait another day to put full hydration at the top of your priority list. Delicious, pure carbonated water is the perfect beverage to help you to become healthier, happier and more productive every day.

Jazmine Harrison