Like every one regardless if you are a youth or an adult the chances are that you have had an episode of acne in your life. Below is guided on how to get rid of acne and avoid the embarrassment and potential comfort that comes with it.
The hormone testosterone indirectly causes acne. Testosterone helps the body’s sebaceous glands (in your skin) to produce sebum (an oily substance to waterproof your skin). Acne is caused when there is a sebum build up in the hair follicles. This can be because of excess sebum production, or external influences on the skin, such as oil, dirt, dead skin cells, make-up. When the hair follicles get blocked spots and acne breakout on the skin.
Acne is a lifelong condition, and there is no miracle cure to get rid of acne. However, if you follow the tips here, you will be able to reduce the severity of your acne outbreaks.
Dr. Mary Montgomery, a medical consultant for Quick Acne Fix advises, “The advice you always hear to do is not to touch your pimples. Do not touch them!” She laughed and went on to say, “However tempting it may be, the bacteria and oil on your hands will not do your acne any favors. Also if you squeeze a pimple, you may push the sebum further into the hair follicle which will cause the spot to become infected.
To prevent acne to get rid of acne you need to avoid oil-based products. Using water-based makeup, lotions, hair gels, mousses and sprays can prevent excessive oiliness of your skin which will block your pores and hair follicles, creating pimples. You can also get the oily skin from eating greasy foods and junk food, so these things are best avoided to control your acne.
Some soaps, cleansers, and facial scrubs claim to get rid of acne. While it is important to wash yourself regularly, like twice a day, these products tend to make the acne worse by causing your skin to become too dry and possibly cracked and painful which in turn will make your body produce more sebum to counteract this. Washing your face gently with a natural or gentle product is all that is required to stay clean.
Benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, sulfur and salicylic acid are all substances which help eradicate the dead skin cells, oil and dirt which are the major causes of acne. These ingredients are present in many of the topical acne preparations which are available over-the-counter today. While effective against acne, they are strong and may irritate your skin. Speak to your doctor, dermatologist or pharmacist to get advice on the best, lowest-concentration product for you.
If you take birth control pills, your doctor may suggest changing the brand to one with fewer hormones to reduce your acne. You may also consider using other birth control measures. A dermatologist or your doctor may prescribe strong oral antibiotics if your acne is extreme or causes scars. Remember that these have common uncomfortable side effects, so their use needs to be monitored by your doctor.
By making sure that your body is capable of fighting an infection, you are half way to reducing your acne. A healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins will surely help you to alleviate this skin infection. Follow these steps mentioned and you will get rid of your acne fast!


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